Did you know that

there are companies like Apple, Amazon or Alphabet, which, if they were countries, would be in the Top 100 list of countries with the wealthiest economies.

These three companies together are stronger economically than Great Britain, India or France. From this perspective, it is easy to understand the level of responsibility these communication experts have to ensure these companies communicate in an authentic way and represent their clients.

Corporate communication

Did you know that

100 years ago, when the Russian revolution broke out, it took 6 days for a telegram to travel from St. Petersburg to Moscow.
20 years ago, press offices issued press releases via fax, which kept sending the one-page material to editorial offices for hours. Considering that news only had to be dispatched to the evening news programs and next day’s papers in addition to the Noon Chronicle of Hungarian National Radio, news competition at the time was not hindered by slow faxes.
Now, according to statistics, it takes about six hours for news to reach an audience of a few million on the internet.
How long would it take for news that Jeff Bezos, CEO and President of Amazon stepped down, to appear on BBC or Twitter? No more than a minute or two.

Crisis communication

Did you know that

the Edelman Trust Barometer shows there is social demand, conducting a study in 8 countries, which revealed that every second person expects brands and companies to get involved in at least one social problem that does not directly affect their operating results.

At the same time, over half of those surveyed believe utilizing social problems during communication is just a marketing gimmick – an empty promise.